We Believe

Our Core Values  --  Who does God want us to become, ie. values and church body characteristics?


The Bible  --  We subject all our decisions to Biblical principles rather than traditions, cultural trends or personal preferences.  We keep the Bible central in all of our teachings.


Jesus Christ  --  Jesus Christ is the answer to the deepest questions of life and establishing a personal relationship with Him is the only means by which we prepare for eternity.


The Holy Spirit  --  God's Holy Spirit is essential to all effective worship and service and by submitting ourselves to His influence we will reflect His life changing power.


Worship  --  Anything we freely offer to God is authentic worship.  It is not restricted to certain forms, traditions or preferences.


Prayer  --  God has created prayer as a primary means of communicating with Him.  We practice it as a regular part of our corporate worship and encourage it in private devotion.


Evangelism  --  Our desire is to share the message of Jesus Christ with our community and the world because life is hard and He gives it meaning now and forever.


Christian Symbols  --  The celebration of the Lord's supper and the baptism of believers are acts of devotion for those who understand and wish to be obedient to the command of Jesus Christ.


Christian Community  --  We exercise grace and love to unify the Christian community, and encourage spiritual growth in one another.  We offer friendship, support and forgiveness as Christ taught us.


Integrity  --  We strive to serve with integrity and unity so the message of Christ will have credibility in a world that needs honesty and truth.